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June 21st, 2021

2021 Proffix Swiss Bike Cup, Gränichen, Switzerland

I was excited to finally return to Gränichen again as it had been a few years since I last raced. It’s also one of my favourite Swiss Cup races on the calendar and the one that I traditionally perform the best at. As an HC category race, it was a good chance to grab some good points and continue my climb up the world rankings before the Olympics. I’d had a big week of training leading into the race so wasn’t feeling at my freshest which was telling early on in the race when I was suffering more than I should have been. However, in the second half of the race I warmed into things and had plenty left in the tank for when the race finally started to splinter. With a few laps to go I was able to drive it home strong to take the win over Andri Frischknecht in 2nd and Lars Forster in 3rd.

John Rourke

Happy to be standing on the top step and get another good race under the belt, also in 30 degree plus conditions it was great training for what will likely be a hot race in Tokyo. Next up, World Cup #4 in Les Gets, France.

John Rourke

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