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April 17th, 2024

2024 World Cup #1, Mairiporã, Brazil

Ross Bell

I had high hopes and high expectations coming into the first two World Cups of the year in Brazil, but everything came crashing down to earth shortly after.

In the XCC in Mairiporã I had a decent start but got squeezed on the first corner losing a bunch of positions.

I kept calm for a few laps before trying to move forward from mid-20’s but paid the price when I wiped out on an uphill left hand turn and was left at the back of the pack.

For the last few laps, I had no choice but to wind it back and try to save the legs for the next day.

Ross Bell
Ross Bell

I had pushed hard in training the last couple of weeks prior to leaving New Zealand and felt like I had done the work required to be up the front of the World Cup field.

In hindsight I had perhaps worked a little too hard as in the first XCO race of the year I had a shocker. My legs felt completely blocked up and like they had no power in them at all.

Ross Bell

I pushed as hard as I could but kept sliding backwards down through the field, feeling very flat and fatigued.

Ross Bell

In the end I finished way back in around 60th position which was a hugely disappointing way to start the season. No time to rest however as the following weekend was the next World Cup round in Araxá.


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