The week building up to this race I had slept very poorly for some reason and this combined with a big training load and a long day’s travel meant the legs felt well below their usual self on race day. On the morning of the race my stomach didn’t feel right and I wasn’t able to eat my usual pre race nutrition and I still had this feeling when I started the race.

I managed to make up some places off the start but quickly realised my legs had nothing and that this was not a day to push my body hard as it was only going to put myself in a hole for the weeks ahead. Instead I sat up and just rode the 6 laps at a steady tempo to the finish, not wanting to pull out. At the end of the day I know this was the best decision to make, you have to learn to understand your body and know when you can and cannot push it. The World Cup season starting in just over a week is the priority and where my focus lies. I will now spend the next week back home in Esslingen before heading to Albstadt most likely on Wednesday.

My race is on Saturday at 3:30pm.


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Cycling has always been a huge part of my life as I have been riding ever since I could walk. I see mountain biking as an adventure and a challenge.
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There are many things I love about mountain biking – the people you meet, the skills you need, the concentration it requires, race strategy, the opportunities to explore new places and countries.
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