My bad luck continued in Solothurn with another flat tyre, this time just halfway around lap 1 while in 3rd wheel. I took the risk with some skinnier tyres to help on road sections but paid the price for it when I pinched my tyre on the rim on a high speed descent. Super frustrating for it to happen for the second weekend in a row but hopefully that’s all my punctures out of the way for the season! 

I was able to ride to the tech zone and get it changed, re-joining the race in around 20th position. I worked hard to catch up to the next group which formed around 13th-19th position. The race for the podium was gone for me by this stage, especially on such a fast course, so I settled into working with the group I found myself in. 

By working together we were able to pick off a few more riders in front and with a final push on the last lap I was able to finish as the first rider of my group and bring it home in 11th. This was the best I could do out of the situation in the end, so I was left somewhat satisfied. I also had the feeling that my legs were a bit better than the previous weekend so that’s also a good sign. Next up are the World Cups in Albstadt and Nove Mesto. Fingers crossed that a seasons worth of punctures is out of the way already!

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