It wasn’t the easiest day at the office in Basel. I felt a big weeks training in my legs and struggled especially on the opening 2 laps with the bigger more powerful riders putting me to the sword on the flat sections. The course features only one short climb with the rest flat, fast, furious and an average speed for the race north of 25kph.

After the first 2 laps were complete I felt a lot better and a lot more involved in the race, especially being one of the drivers of the chase group (positions 8th through to around 15th). I put myself in a poor position at the base of the last climb and got held up while 2 riders from our group disappeared up ahead to take 8th and 9th. In the end I came home in 13th which was a bit frustrating as I don’t feel it was reflective of how I rode for the majority of the race. But that’s often the way these fast, bunch style races pan out. I just need to be a bit more forward thinking in my positioning next time. 

Hopefully some more race intensity will do me well for the final World Cup in just under a weeks’ time. The end of the season is approaching fast and I’d love to finish on a strong note!


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Cycling has always been a huge part of my life as I have been riding ever since I could walk. I see mountain biking as an adventure and a challenge.
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There are many things I love about mountain biking – the people you meet, the skills you need, the concentration it requires, race strategy, the opportunities to explore new places and countries.
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