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Ross Bell
September 2nd, 2019

2019 World Mountain Bike Championships, Quebec, Canada

Mentally, this was the toughest World Champs I had ever taken part in.
Matt DeLorme

Knowing full well that I was going to be battling away for a lowly position on perhaps my favourite and most suited track ever was hard to take coming into the race. As if it hadn’t been a hard enough season with my health I unfortunately came down with a cold upon my arrival into Canada and I was still fighting the effects 2.5 weeks later as race day dawned. Without a proper training block since June either I knew I was in for a real challenge and could only hope my day wasn’t going to be too rough.

I had a good start off the second row and was up with the front contenders. The pace stayed hot and I knew I couldn’t go with it, dropping back through the field to the mid 20’s.

Ross Bell
Matt DeLorme

I had a strong last 2 laps to move through the field to finish in 20th position. Far from what my goal was at the start of the season but on the day it was absolutely everything I had.


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