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October 4th, 2020

2020 World Cup XCO#2, Nove Mesto, Czech Republic

Cross Country #2

It’s always handy to start on the front row, especially being one of the last riders to get called to the line which allows you to spin on the rollers until the last minute. I definitely needed all the warm up I could get as I woke up feeling a bit crook and fighting a head cold.

Ross Bell
Ross Bell

My legs felt pretty rough during my warm up and I was nervous to take the start, especially as I had a feeling it could be a rough day for me ahead. My feeling during the start loop was a lot better than I expected, maybe just due to the adrenaline of racing.

I could soon tell though that I wasn’t going to be able to maintain the pace of the leaders so I settled back into my own rhythm. I ticked off consistent laps but was just a little bit off the pace, eventually finishing in 23rd position in a tightly bunched field.

Ross Bell
Ross Bell

Not too bad all things considered but racing sick takes a huge amount out of your body and leaves me with a bit of a mountain to climb to get healthy and feel fresh for World Champs in just 6 days time after the race.


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