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May 16th, 2023

2023 WC#1 Nove Mesto, Czech Republic

This was the first World Cup of the 2023 season and under new ownership. I was a little frustrated coming into this one knowing my form was far from where I’d like it to be. Especially when it’s probably my most well-suited World Cup track! I was determined to have a strong showing and set a benchmark to improve on for the rest of the year.
I started off the 3rd row in the short track and had to fight very hard to move up as the pace each lap was relentless. I dodged a couple of crashes and moved up a bunch of spots on the last lap to finish in 15th spot and nab a spot on the second row for Sunday’s XCO race.

In the cross country I had a decent start but fell away a bit over the opening couple of laps, struggling with the high intensity of a World Cup start.

Ross Bell
Ross Bell

I found my rhythm after a couple of laps and was able to punch out some nice consistent lap times making my way up through the field gradually.

I finished in 18th position, not too far off the bunch fighting for 13th spot.

Ross Bell
Ross Bell

Overall, it was a solid opening weekend of the World Cup season and a little better results wise than I had expected coming in. I look forward to building from here!


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